Re: example of nice usability feature

tor 2004-03-04 klockan 13.32 skrev Jeff Waugh:
> <quote who="Marius Andreiana">
> > As we were talking about usability (followup on ESR), I saw yesterday a
> > nice feature at a friend when we were browsing an image colloection from
> > his camera with ACD See on MS Windows.
> This post is more appropriate for usability list than desktop-devel. Please
> post there with usability suggestions in future (or even better, bugzilla).

I wonder how productive this kind of mails are. I think the best way to
guide people to the right place without scaring people away from the
mailing lists are to move the discussion to the right list when

Out of curiosity, where do people who don't know the mailinglist
structure ask for these kind of things? Desktop-devel is not the right
place, but what is and are there any developers on that list?

Another thing, some things (like this) might need some discussion before
filing bugs in bugzilla. For example on where it should actually be

Just my thoughts,
  Mikael Hallendal
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