Re: example of nice usability feature

On Thu, 2004-03-04 at 23:32 +1100, Jeff Waugh wrote:

> <quote who="Marius Andreiana">
> > As we were talking about usability (followup on ESR), I saw yesterday a
> > nice feature at a friend when we were browsing an image colloection from
> > his camera with ACD See on MS Windows.
> This post is more appropriate for usability list than desktop-devel. Please
> post there with usability suggestions in future (or even better, bugzilla).


Since when does a user of GNOME need your advise or permission to write
an ordinary comment/suggestion on desktop-devel-list ? In the past I've
seen a lot of offtopic comments written here even mirrored to other
GNOME mailinglists and nobody cared. Jeff, I don't know what position
you wear in GNOME or if you do anything useful rather than commenting
everything but you should allow people to write here. If they get
attention or not is up to the individual replying to him. Your reply to
him was as useless as my reply to you now.


Ali Akcaagac

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