Re: example of nice usability feature

On Thu, 2004-03-04 at 12:50, Ali Akcaagac wrote:
> On Thu, 2004-03-04 at 23:32 +1100, Jeff Waugh wrote:
> > <quote who="Marius Andreiana">
> > 
> > > As we were talking about usability (followup on ESR), I saw yesterday a
> > > nice feature at a friend when we were browsing an image colloection from
> > > his camera with ACD See on MS Windows.
> > 
> > This post is more appropriate for usability list than desktop-devel. Please
> > post there with usability suggestions in future (or even better, bugzilla).
> Jeff,
> Since when does a user of GNOME need your advise or permission to write
> an ordinary comment/suggestion on desktop-devel-list ? In the past I've
> seen a lot of offtopic comments written here even mirrored to other
> GNOME mailinglists and nobody cared. Jeff, I don't know what position
> you wear in GNOME or if you do anything useful rather than commenting
> everything but you should allow people to write here. If they get
> attention or not is up to the individual replying to him. Your reply to
> him was as useless as my reply to you now.

desktop-devel-list does get quite a bit of traffic that's not directly
related to development of the desktop components simply because most
developers are on this list. This decreases the signal:noise ratio by
quite a bit.

Telling people when a thread is off-topic, and which mailing list is
most on-topic, is useful because it keeps d-d-l just-about usable.

Andrew Sobala <aes gnome org>

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