Re: example of nice usability feature

On Thu, 2004-03-04 at 13:34 +0000, Andrew Sobala wrote:

> desktop-devel-list does get quite a bit of traffic that's not
> directly related to development of the desktop components simply
> because most developers are on this list. This decreases the signal:
> noise ratio by quite a bit.
> Telling people when a thread is off-topic, and which mailing list is
> most on-topic, is useful because it keeps d-d-l just-about usable.

Yes of course this may be the case. But in the past we were discussing a
lot of stuff here even OT and nobody bothered. He just wrote one email
and not 20 not to mention that he didn't carbo compied it to other 5
GNOME lists as other people tend to do. So we should take it easy.

But maybe I could point out that we do have too many lists imo. We
should simply remove a bunch of them from and concentrate
on maybe a handful of them. The traffic won't increase much imo but give
people a point where they don't get confused when hit on 30 lists and
don't know whom to sent mails to. I for my own pretty much think that
gnome-hackers, gnome-development-list and desktop-development-list
should merge into one list. Because I saw in the past that most messages
were carbon copied across them anyways. You get more traffic with carbon
copy emails rather than merging 2-3 lists into one. Which one to merge
is a matter of discussion of course.


Ali Akcaagac

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