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> But maybe I could point out that we do have too many lists imo. We
> should simply remove a bunch of them from and concentrate
> on maybe a handful of them. The traffic won't increase much imo but give
> people a point where they don't get confused when hit on 30 lists and
> don't know whom to sent mails to. I for my own pretty much think that
> gnome-hackers, gnome-development-list and desktop-development-list
> should merge into one list. Because I saw in the past that most messages
> were carbon copied across them anyways. You get more traffic with carbon
> copy emails rather than merging 2-3 lists into one. Which one to merge
> is a matter of discussion of course.

I have to agree with that. When I first started with Gnome and went to I wasn't sure which list to post too. 

I would suggest two things:

1. Remove the dead lists from that page and put them on a second archive

2. Put a one-line description of what a list is for below the name of
the list. That would make it easier for new-comers to find the list they

3. Instead of #1, maybe make separate archive pages for each topic, ie:
Platform, Applications, Conferences, Countries, News & Announcements.
The gnome-list and gnome-hackers lists could be on the main page, since
they probably are what most people want, all other pages would be in the

Below is a list of lists that haven't seen any traffic in 2004, so I
assume they are either dead or simply not important enough to be listed
on the main archive page:

calendar-list (since August 2003)
eufoundation-list (since May 2003)
fplan-list (December 2003)
fundraising-list (June 2002)
gep-announce (April 2003)
gnome-2-0-list (August 2002)
gnome-debugger-list (January 2001)
gnome-gui-list (March 2002)
gnome-hackers-test (November 2000)
gnome-i18n-tools (May 2003)
gnome-ir-list (December 2003)
gnome-kde-list (November 2002)
gnome-no (November 2003)
gnome-os (May 2003)
gnome-rus (Feburary 2001)
gnome-ui-hackers (Feburary 2004 --- but very sporadic traffic)
gnome-workshop-list (June 2002)
gnomecc-list (March 2003)
gtkglarea-list (September 2003)
libart-hackers (August 2003)
orbit-perl-list (August 2003)
storage-list (November 2003)
vote (December 2003 --- obviously sporadic, but why on main page?)

GAK! After compiling this list I notice that you can also go to for a listing of lists. That one
is better because it has the descriptions, but it's still a little
overwhelming at first.

- Frank

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