Re: example of nice usability feature

<quote who="Frank Worsley">

> I would suggest two things:
> 1. Remove the dead lists from that page and put them on a second archive
> page. 
> 2. Put a one-line description of what a list is for below the name of the
> list. That would make it easier for new-comers to find the list they need.
> 3. Instead of #1, maybe make separate archive pages for each topic, ie:
> Platform, Applications, Conferences, Countries, News & Announcements.  The
> gnome-list and gnome-hackers lists could be on the main page, since they
> probably are what most people want, all other pages would be in the
> categories.

That's three things. :-) I have a long-standing todo item to clean up the
lists, look back on the gnome-hackers archives for my verbose analysis of
the lists (both on the web page and hidden), and what I was proposing to do
with them. Now that we're getting buy-in on the more recent controversial
changes, it will most likely happen immediately post-2.6.

- Jeff

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