Posting to the right list, [Was: example of nice usability feature]

tor 2004-03-04 klockan 14.02 skrev Jeff Waugh:

> Yeah, that's definitely worthwhile; I'll do that in future too. But we do
> need to ensure that everyone knows where to go for certain things, and keep
> our lists on-topic. I don't think my mail was particularly scary, and it
> gave the poster a place to go.

Agreed, didn't really mean scary, but I remember when sending my first
post to a GNOME list, you reread it several times to make sure you don't
say anything dumb or do something wrong. It would be bad if people
didn't post mails at all by fear that they'll post to the wrong place.

(Pretty much as when first commiting to the gnome cvs :)

> If we don't manage our lists, they will turn to mush.

Totally agree.

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