Re: [gst-devel] Re: GStreamer not following GNOME release process


> Yes, and I would be very scared of shifting gstreamer from the GNOME
> release schedule to the freedesktop release schedule until that schedule
> has proved that it's a real working schedule. gstreamer needs more
> schedule, not less. It's getting there.

The freedesktop schedule is something that applies to the set of modules
that are considered some sort of freedesktop platform member.

GStreamer isn't one of those.

The question we're addressing here, is if GStreamer should 
a) have its own release plan and schedule
b) have one tightly coupled to GNOME in the way that all desktop modules
have (which is what was sort of assumed)
c) have one tightly coupled of GNOME, but more as a platform module.  In
that case it would fall somewhere in the GTK+ release class - which in
the past IIRC targeted a stable release halfway through the GNOME
process so apps could adjust.

In the future I'd like to see GStreamer move from schedule b) to
schedule c), so we are prepared for a time when more applications want
to depend on GStreamer and they are given due time to adjust.

In any case, I'm not the one who needs convincing of the value or
necessity (by proposing ourselves for inclusion in GNOME) of sticking to
a/the GNOME release process.


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