Re: Proposal for a new g-c-c menu layout for GNOME 2.8

On 26/03/04 08:22, Carlos Garnacho wrote:

Hi all,

Here's a proposal for a new control center menu layout, my main
objectives are to allow an easier integration of "external" apps into
the g-c-c and to somewhat avoid the growing clutter in the menu.

my proposal (+ several screenshots to explain it) are in

There's still no definitive patch for it, but I'll attach one when we
arrive to a definitive solution. Any thoughts, opinions, flames?
The main problem with the design is that it is a move back to the bad old days for the preferences menu. Rather than drilling down two levels of menus to get to the common control panels (which some people think is one too many), your design would require going through three levels of menus to get to any control panel at all. It also makes it easier for people to add lots of extra control panels to the tree, which most people don't see as a benefit.

On the subject of where to put things like gnome-system-tools under preferences, what are the benefits of doing this as opposed to having a separate tree? (eg. "System Settings" as on Fedora/Red Hat) A boot loader configuration tool doesn't sound like the sort of thing I'd want mixed in with per-user settings. As multi-user systems become more common, I'd think separating out the global and per-user settings would be a good thing. (eg. Windows XP prompts you to enter the names of all the users who will be using the machine during install and sets up accounts for them).


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