RE: Proposal for a new g-c-c menu layout for GNOME 2.8

>Here's a proposal for a new control center menu layout, my main
>objectives are to allow an easier integration of "external" apps into
>the g-c-c and to somewhat avoid the growing clutter in the menu.

The "Advanced" menu doesn't tell me much about what is in there. Read here
why you should not be using "advanced" on UIs: ("The Question of Preferences" part)
I find your menu structure very DE-specific. Gnome should blend to the rest
of the OS, it should not stand out and have its own pref panels completely
seperate of the rest of the OS. That's not how you get a cohesive desktop.
So, there should not be "Gnome preferences" and "OS preferences" (as for
example found today on Fedora or Mandrake menus). Mac OS X has found a very
nice way to blend together preferences that are either administrative or
"personal" and make it look like "one" thing.
As Edd Dumbbill very well said the other day, Gnome should go out of the
mentality of "we are a DE". The mentality should be "we are a platform". And
as such, Gnome should create the *framework* and *infrastructure* for OEMs
to create their own preference panels (OS-wide and personal-prefs) that
would load via the same way, on the same menu, or on the same pref app and
behave similarly.

Also, as I said in the past, many Gnome pref panels should become a single
panel. For example, it is not right to have 3-4 different keyboard-related
panels scattered around. That's how a KDE-like bloat comes to life. ;-)


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