Re: Gnome VFS - plans for Gnome 2.8

On Thu, 2004-03-25 at 13:09, Alexander Larsson wrote:
> In fact, from a quick look at libsoup it seems to have the same problems
> that all other non-neon libraries i've looked at had wrt gnome-vfs use.
> Its mainly built for async use, and it uses an "get whole file, with
> callbacks when you get data blocks" style of operation while gnome-vfs
> needs more of a "request block of data" style of API (like the posix
> read()/write() calls).

This would not be difficult to implement. It's just a matter of having
the main I/O code return after each read/write rather than looping until
it's done (and adding some new API to take advantage of that).

-- Dan

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