Re: [Fwd: Authorisation]

On Maw, 2003-11-11 at 00:58, Spider wrote:
> when I last had to turn in a paper that made heavy use of online
> documentation and other papers online (both as pdf/ps and html) , the
> requirement was to attach -all- such "moving" targets to the paper as
> source-reference wasn't viable or trustable.   Its a very cumbersome
> way, but it guarantees avaiability even five years later.

The problem with that is you may then be violating copyrights. Its a bit
easier for the GDSG and I think your comment is sensible. The format we
were given for the MBA course for internet material that couldnt be
attached as an appendix was

Articloid (2003)
Date Accessed: blah

but it does seem to vary by university 8)

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