Re: Gnome Mail clients (Re: Is Balsa alive?)

On Tue, 06 Apr 1999 17:43:48 Miguel de Icaza wrote:
> > Balsa is not dead until Stuart Parmenter, its main author, declares it as such.
> > Actually, development has stopped for about 3 months, but I am pretty confident
> > it will restart again.
> Well, development has stalled and Stuart is busy pursuing other
> projects.  He has no interest in continuing the work in Balsa, so
> someone has to continue it.

I'd LOVE to!  :-)  I've already done some preliminary patches to aid 
with keyboard navigation and general usability, and believe that there
is much more that could be done.  Actually, much of the initial work to 
get it to a usable state could be done in a relatively short amount
of time.

Here's what I have so far
	- Keyboard Navigation of Balsa-Message, for scrolling messages while viewing.
	- Better sizing and layout of the sendmessage dialog
	- Preliminary Trashcan support (which I desperately need)

If I had CVS access to this thing my first priorities would be:
	- Make the trashcan work and make it appropriately configurable
	- Fix the fact that it crashes on virtually ANY error condition.
	- Add Drafts, Sent Mail, etc.
	- Provide personalities support for each mailbox.  I really NEED this one, and it should be reasonably easy.
	- Support and coordinate developers and (hopefully) help new developers learn the source and free coding.

In other words, I see this as a project that MANY people will use and benefit from,
and therefore would like to serve a role as kind of a coordinator, to make sure that
people's ideas can be implemented without conflict.  After all, we could use all the help
we could get with this project, and I want everyone to have the opportunity to contribute.

IOW, basically I want to let other people do all the work.  :-)

Seriously, though, this project is of great importance to Gnome, and I want to do whatever is
necessary to make it a success.

Jesse D. Sightler

"An honest answer can get you into a lot of trouble." 
         - Anonymous

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