Elliot Lee <> el día Sun, 11 Apr 1999 18:14:02 -0400 
(EDT), escribió:

>On Sat, 10 Apr 1999, Sergio wrote:
>> Hi, I have libraries under the LGPL that hopefully will go
>> to Megido (a GPL/LGPL Delphi for GTK/Gnome):
>> - my libraries are small (they are small components).
>> - there are no practical way other than _statically_ link
>>   my libraries
>Could you explain the reasons behind the second point?

yes, in the Delphi world we deal with components (a library
of object and routines) that are linked statically in the exe,
thus forming a single executable that run in any basic 
environment, if you want to dinamically link the library you
could (in recent versions of Delphi), but it is a mess, 
because you'll have to deploy the _whole_ library (big) 
along with the exe and complicate the life of the final user.

If you link statically only the objects that are used go in
the exe (a kind of runtime specialized for your program).

And in Megido (our Delphi for Gnome) we have a _lot_ of this
kind of code under the LGPL and now we found this problem.


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