On Sat, 10 Apr 1999, Sergio wrote:

> yes, in the Delphi world we deal with components (a library of object
> and routines) that are linked statically in the exe, thus forming a
> single executable that run in any basic environment, if you want to
> dinamically link the library you could (in recent versions of Delphi),
> but it is a mess, because you'll have to deploy the _whole_ library
> (big)  along with the exe and complicate the life of the final user.
> If you link statically only the objects that are used go in
> the exe (a kind of runtime specialized for your program).
> And in Megido (our Delphi for Gnome) we have a _lot_ of this
> kind of code under the LGPL and now we found this problem.

Requiring a to run apps created using Megido would be no
different than requiring a to run GNOME apps.

Alternatively you could create the shared library on a per-application
basis, e.g. This is a bad hack though - you really
should just make a megido shared library. It is not as big a deal in the
UNIX world, because there are not the same versioning and etc. problems
that Windows DLLs have.

-- Elliot
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