Re: gnome build tool

On Tue, 13 Apr 1999 wrote:
> Hello hackers!
> The purpose of this posting is to initiate a discussion on a tool to
> make the compilation and set up of gnome environment easier for
> everyone.
> It has become apparent that compiling and installing gnome is too
> complex a task for someone who has limited experience.  It is
> reasonable to say that if the users lack the skill to compile gnome
> themselves, they should wait for the distributors to supply binaries.
> However, giving them easier method will increase the number of early
> adopters, which eventually help our cause.
> Even the most experienced users can enjoy the benefit of automated
> build.  They spend less time configuring each package, which in turn
> allows them to debug the suspicious code, or submit comprehensive bug
> report.
> Well, I believe all of you, the capable maintainers knew this since
> day one.  It simply was not a priority.
[lots of good ideas snipped]
> I am looking forward to hearing any suggestion or comment, and hope
> that something positive will come out of this.  Thanks for reading
> this rather long posting.

Many of us ARE using an automated build tool.  Have you looked at the
gbuild module in CVS?  It covers many of the points you brought up.  I
think it makes more sense to enhance the tools on hand, rather than start
from scratch.

Best of Luck,

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