Re: gnome build tool

Hello Robbe and hackers,

On 14 Apr 1999 12:39:26 +0200
Robert Bihlmeyer <> wrote:

> I think that packages should not just rely on imlib present, but
> explicitly check for the support of the needed image formats. I.e.
> gnome-core should check for png-support, and *then* should a
> reasonable error message be printed (since a panel without the pngs is 
> pretty useless).

I agree.  So here is my RFC rule for gnome configure script:

In the event a missing file (executable, library, headers, etc) being
detected during the configuration process:

a) If it is known to cause build failure, one must raise error and
abort the process.

b) If it significantly alters the behavior of resulting binary from
the intended design, one must raise warning message at the conclusion
of the process.

c) In both cases, it is desirable to print a message explaining how
user can rectify the problem.


Robbe, you are quoting me out of the context.  I did say "From the
imlib perspective, this is the correct behavior, because not
all imlib users need png support.".  I ask you to be careful about

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