Re: BUILD: what I'm doing here

On Mon, 19 Apr 1999, Erik Andersen wrote:

> That sounds great.  GnomeHack (which I am the primary author of) would
> be the glad recipient of your spec file creating skills.   :)
OK, will do.

> The Debian build stuff is already taken care of for most all of Gnome,
> (including GnomeHack :), and there is a team of developers working on 
> keeping the Debian stuff up to date.
Yeah, I've heard that they've got GNOME reasonably well covered.  Do they
do snapshots at all?

> Building both RPMs and DEBs on the same machine is possible, but would 
> require a lot of work (i.e. a full chrooted Debian development machine 
> needed since default account numbers, library dependancies init 
> configuration details and such differ between RedHat and Debian).
The main problem in my case isn't the build environment (I use a chroot'd
RedHat already), it's the fact that I'm clueless about how to build DEBs.

Oh well,

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