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Quoting Erik Walthinsen <>:
> On Mon, 19 Apr 1999, Erik Andersen wrote:
> > The Debian build stuff is already taken care of for most all of Gnome,
> > (including GnomeHack :), and there is a team of developers working on 
> > keeping the Debian stuff up to date.
> Yeah, I've heard that they've got GNOME reasonably well covered.  Do they
> do snapshots at all?

Yup.  The latest and greatest is at:
of course, some of these packages are a bit out of date but we are working
on that.  An automated snapshotting method was being worked on by Jim Pick,
but he got sucked into a new job and hasn't had the time to finish that

> > Building both RPMs and DEBs on the same machine is possible, but would 
> > require a lot of work (i.e. a full chrooted Debian development machine 
> > needed since default account numbers, library dependancies init 
> > configuration details and such differ between RedHat and Debian).
> The main problem in my case isn't the build environment (I use a chroot'd
> RedHat already), it's the fact that I'm clueless about how to build DEBs.
> Oh well,
>        Omega

A type of cluelessness that can be easily remidied by a visit to:

It really is very easy to build DEBs once you install debhelper.  There 
are some other helpful documents at that are
also important (but much of the content such as the policy manual) is built
into the debhelper package building scripts.

I'd be happy to help you get set up.

Erik B. Andersen   Web: 
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