Re: new gnome-session logout

>>>>> "Owen" == Owen Taylor <> writes:

Owen> When you are automatically saving the sesssion, the session will
Owen> be saved fairly frequently and at times that are opaque to the
Owen> user. (IIRC, generally, the session is saved when a program is
Owen> added or removed from the session.)

I thought that when a program started it was sent a local save.  It
turns out that gsm uses this opportunity to write out the entire
session.  Mea culpa, I wasn't aware of this change.  (Or maybe it was
always this way and I just forgot.  Either way, duh.)

I've reverted the patch.

Trash mode defaults to true anyway.

I couldn't find code to save the session when a program exits.

What about introducing a new variable to set the toggle in trash mode?
Then there wouldn't be any reason to ever turn trash mode off, would
there?  (Assuming global saves without exit respected this new setting
as well.)

This would be a nice thing for the new GUI initiative to resolve: how
sessions should be handled by default, and the various cases.

I keep meaning to write a short page on "why XSMP sucks".  I blame the


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