Re: new gnome-session logout

Owen Taylor <> writes:

> I have to disagree with Tom and say that I don't like this
> patch. When you are automatically saving the sesssion,
> the session will be saved fairly frequently and at times
> that are opaque to the user. (IIRC, generally, the
> session is saved when a program is added or removed
> from the session.)

Oh my.  This is so not how things appeared to me.  I guess there is no
hope for when my session gets messed up.

So, it seems that named sessions would be nice.  Else I need to create
a new user for each GNOME setup I have (I have a 486 as an X terminal, and 
at school when I am at lab and stuff, I log into my computer there too).

But probably not too many people do this. I assume supporting this isn't so 
hard, but I cannot volunteer to work on this right now.  Hopefully someone 
else will.


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