Re: looking for GNOME+CORBA examples

>>>>> "MdI" == Miguel de Icaza <> writes:

  ecm> (corba-orb-resolve-initial-references orb "InterfaceRepository")
  ecm> =>   
  ecm> [cl-struct-corba-object "" "liszt"
  ecm> 46518 "" nil nil]

  MdI> Oh.  beautiful!  Where can I get CORBA support for Emacs?
  MdI> How does corba-orb-resolve-initial-references find the IOR for the
  MdI> orbit-ird?

I have a startup script which does the following:

   $ORBIT/orbit-ird > /tmp/ir &
   sleep 1
   sed -e 's/Interface Repository: //' </tmp/ir >/tmp/CORBAInterfaceRepository
   rm -f /tmp/ir
   $ORBIT/gnome-name-service > /tmp/CORBANameService &  

In corba.el there is a variable

   (defvar corba-interface-repository "/tmp/CORBAInterfaceRepository"
     "*Reference to the CORBA InterfaceRepository.
   This should be the name of a file where the service IOR is stored
   or the IOR.")

   [in passing, it's a bit of a pain that orbit-ird prefixes its IOR
   with "Interface Repository: "; that's not what other ORBs I know of
   do, and the gnome-name-service doesn't do it]

Note that corba.el currently only provides client-side DII
invocations, and that it's experimental code. Pretty neat, though.
Eric Marsden
It's elephants all the way down

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