Re: MIME extensions

Michael Rogers wrote:
> >At the moment, file extensions are used. Hopefully, they will be
> >replaced with the actual file type, but before that happens, Gmc needs a
> >way to deal with network mounts intellegently (and turn off things like
> >"file" for a network mount).
> You only need to check the file types of the files whose icons are
> visible, which won't be more than 20 or so at a time, so all the worries
> about 10,000 open() calls are a bit excessive. Would 20 open() calls over
> a network really be a problem?
> Michael Rogers

Well, that means multiple separate network requests over a period of
time, which means the app will load the directory quicker, but actually
browse through it slower. This isn't a good thing.

I think it's best to simply use file extension as a mime-type determiner
unless the user explicitly specifies "Yes, I want my network mounts to
run slower".

Admins should also have the ability to disable the "Yes, I want my
network mounts to run slower" feature irregardless of user prefs, IMHO.

    Jim Cape

    "Men occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of them
     pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing had happened."
        -- Winston Churchill

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