Does any one have the list of projects that have not gotten a 
checkin in the last 6 to 12 months?  We should try to keep
an list of what projects are active and progressing, mature
and unchanging, need a new maintainer to advance, or died shortly 
after birth.

By far the biggest problem in GNOME is that people are
constantly repeating to build the same tool over and over, because 
they were not aware that the same project is already
in progress.  Or they did not communicate what they were planning
to the current project to see if the direction of the project is
what they want.   Our FAQ should say before starting a new project,
find and consult the current ones and make sure it is needed.

(BTW guppi module should be marked dead as guppi2 took over.
the old code base is unusable as gtk-- which it depended on
has advanced.  Verify this through Havoc.)



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