Hello Hackers,

just added THIS-MODULE-IS-DEAD and po/THIS-MODULE-IS-DEAD files to some
modules which are really dead:


In some modules (like ggdb-old) there are reasons why we don't do a cvs
delete on all files in the module - but the modules are dead, anyways.

The THIS-MODULE-IS-DEAD files should remind you not to waste you time
hacking dead code - especially you should not write/add/change any
translations there.

I only added those files for modules I was really sure they were abandonned
and their maintainer (the first three of them were maintained by myself) told
me to do so - if there are more modules in cvs that are obsolete and you're
the maintainer of one of them, please add the THIS-MODULE-IS-DEAD files to
them as well.

This will keep people from wasting their good time by hacking on dead code.

                                   * * *

Additionally, it might be wise to add po/DO-NOT-TRANSLATE files to some
modules if it does not make sense to provide translations there (for
instance because the module is still very unstable).

This will save the translations team some work so they can concentrate on
more important projects.

Martin Baulig - -

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