[Summary] The name game. (was The game formally know as...)


Thanks folks, for the amazing response.

Keep them coming, I can change the name again any time something
better comes along.

The name I have chosen is: Gnostic.
The explanation of the purpose of the game will mostly be through an
un-subtle icon. I have already created one.

Thanks to all for help.
Thanks to Telsa for inspiring the final choice, and to those who
backed it up.

>From the Dictionary:
gnostic (n-) a. & n. 1. a. relating to knowledge, cognitive; having
esoteric spiritual knowledge; (G~) of the Gnostics, occult, mystic.

This will be the new working title for the game. It may be subject to
change depending on submissions, responses, feedback.

(and the reason I posted it to gnome-devel too)

Could someone please rename my cvs module [gnome-scrabble -> Gnostic],
and if possible, send me an email when this is done? I'll get the
"clean" version up there as soon as I have sed'd it :)

Many thanks.

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