Re: Toolbar bug?

>  I need to put my own pixmap on a toolbar, I use this:
>  { 
>  N_("Pause"), N_("Pause downloading the file(s)"),
>  pause_cb, NULL, NULL,
>  GNOME_APP_PIXMAP_DATA, pause_xpm,
>  0, (GdkModifierType)0, NULL
>  },
>  but when I disable it (gtk_widget_set_sensitive(widget, FALSE),
>  the pixmap won't disable, only the word under it (Pause).
>  Is this a bug or I'm doing something wrong?

If you want all the niceties of gnome-stock, then you must register
your pixmap against it first using gnome_stock_pixmap_register().
Then you can use it as a normal stock pixmap in your GnomeUIInfo


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