Gnome-libs-1.0.14 Breaks Applets (was Re: Gnome-libs-1.0.14 is released)

>Is it necessary to rebuild all other GNOME packages for this to 
>work? I built this version, installed it, and the logout dialog no longer 
>worked. In addition, the pager and control center both left core files 
>regularly when I logged out. I even tried reinstalling the core and 
>control center packages (without recompiling), and it didn't help. 
>Re-installing gnome-libs version 1.0.12 fixed all this.

I also tried 1.0.14 and even after recompiling control-center and gnome-core,
all applets stopped working.  Reinstalling 1.0.12 also fixed things here.

Any ideas?


John GOTTS <>

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