Re: Simplifying package installation.

Sounds good. You never specified wich package management method you were
going to use, the native one, or create a new one.

I would vote to use the native one, using plugins for the different system

On Fri, 27 Aug 1999, Andreas Hyden wrote:

> I'm working on a project named gip.
> You select the file you want to install, and select wethever you want to
> install it
> globally or localy.  If you select globally it will ask for the root
> password and be
> installed globally. I'm implenting a tool so that you may convert
> between rpm, deb and tgs
> using the alien command.
> If you select locally it will copy it it  ~/local/ or something.
> How am I going to do? should I copy the binary to ~/local/bin and
> the libs to ~/local/lib and then set the path to ~/local/bin
> I've not implentet all this yet but the interface is there in gip 0.2
> When you install for instance a rpm package it will first look if you
> have an erlier version, and
> if you have it will automaticly upgrade it, else install it.
> I thought that you could right click on an package (rpm ,deb or tgz) in
> gmc and then select
> Install or Uninstall and the gip guide installation/uninstallation will
> be started with the file
> selected.
> So..
> We say we have a linux newbie called Lars that uses gnome.
> He download for instance gnomeicu and put it in his home directory.
> Then he open the gmc commander and right click on the file and select
> Install.
> The installation guide starts and he can chose if he would like to
> install it globally
> or locally. If he use the computer at home he can probably chose
> globally, if if
> he for instance have the computer on his job (and have no root pass) he
> may select
> install localy.
> When he press next the program will be installed, or upgraded, and it
> says if the installation
> goes well or if he needs to download some library.
> If the installation goes successful he may chose to run the program,
> view readme, view faq or/and
> if he wants to save the installation file.
> Now, Lars get tired of gnomeicu and he have not much diskspace.
> So he right click on the file and select uninstall....
> How about that?
> /Andreas Hyden
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