Re: Simplifying package installation.

I'm working on a project named gip.
You select the file you want to install, and select wethever you want to
install it
globally or localy.  If you select globally it will ask for the root
password and be
installed globally. I'm implenting a tool so that you may convert
between rpm, deb and tgs
using the alien command.
If you select locally it will copy it it  ~/local/ or something.
How am I going to do? should I copy the binary to ~/local/bin and
the libs to ~/local/lib and then set the path to ~/local/bin

I've not implentet all this yet but the interface is there in gip 0.2

When you install for instance a rpm package it will first look if you
have an erlier version, and
if you have it will automaticly upgrade it, else install it.

I thought that you could right click on an package (rpm ,deb or tgz) in
gmc and then select
Install or Uninstall and the gip guide installation/uninstallation will
be started with the file

We say we have a linux newbie called Lars that uses gnome.

He download for instance gnomeicu and put it in his home directory.
Then he open the gmc commander and right click on the file and select
The installation guide starts and he can chose if he would like to
install it globally
or locally. If he use the computer at home he can probably chose
globally, if if
he for instance have the computer on his job (and have no root pass) he
may select
install localy.
When he press next the program will be installed, or upgraded, and it
says if the installation
goes well or if he needs to download some library.
If the installation goes successful he may chose to run the program,
view readme, view faq or/and
if he wants to save the installation file.

Now, Lars get tired of gnomeicu and he have not much diskspace.
So he right click on the file and select uninstall....

How about that?

/Andreas Hyden

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