Re: --prefix and --sysconfdir (Re: Simplifying package installation.)

> Trouble will arise (not always, but...), if you'll install other
> components with --prefix=/usr (e.g., ORBit, libxml, enlightment, etc.);
> I guess, this should work, too, since these applications do not
> necessarily depend on GNOME.  E.g., it happens that the control center
> refuses to work; if back from vacation, I'll have a closer look at this
> issue.

yes, all the applications currently need to use the same
sysconfigdir.  The reason is that the information about the CORBA
services is stored in $(sysconfigdir)/CORBA/servers.

I have now added to CVS support for the GNOME_PATH directory.  With
this variable you will be able to list all of the places where GNOME
products have been installed.

Currently only the gnome-config program and the GNORBA tools are
using.  In the future the gnome-mime tools should use it.


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