Re: Bug status - left to fix for GNOME 1.0.50

Elliot Lee wrote:

> gnome-media: 7 grave bug(s)
>     #509: gmix turns off cd sound

This doesn't happen here, I'm using the HEAD branch from CVS, last checked
out about 2 weeks ago.

>     #764: After running gmix 3.0 cd sound can no longer be heard

as above

>     #1079: gmix turns off left channel permanently

as above

>     #1929; 131 days old.
>     #1409: gmix cuts off cd audio
>     #1490: TCD: Can't handle big CD's
>     #1929: Starting gmix kills CD sound.

#1409 and #1929 are the same as #509 and #764.

I've also never experience the gmix problems.

Looking through the bug reports they appear to all be from users of
Ensoniq/soundblaster PCI cards that use the ES1370 driver.  Is it possible
that it is a problem with the driver rather than gmix itself?


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