Re: gnome-db wrote:

> I am about to recode some of my mysql db code to make it db independant.
> (in a non gnome program) I am thinking of using libiodbc, but want to
> know, what can gnome-db do that libiodbc cant? If there is a good reason,
> I might use gnome-db instead.

gnome-db provides access to MySQL through a native API driver, and through an
ODBC driver. Besides that, you may be able to change your underlying database
without touching a line of code in your client application.

gnome-db contains several CORBA servers which provide access to different
databases, one of them is the native MySQL server (although it is still
buggy). There is also an ODBC server which runs well, which will let you
access MySQL databases if you've got an ODBC driver for MySQL.

So, this may answer your question: your code will be database-independant,
with the facility to change the database just touching a configuration file.
Although you will depend on the gnome libs.

If you need further info, please contact me.


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