Re: Nasty feature of multiple desktop environment

Hi Derek,

Thank you for your help. Reading your response I found the
way how to solve it. This "Edge flip resistance" resistance 
applies equally to the cursor and windows. When I tried it 
earlier I had different and very low settings for the cursor 
and that is why it did not behave the way as I wanted.

Jacob Nikom

Derek Simkowiak wrote:
> > It controls time delay before your colliding windows start
> > to overlap. This feature creates the feeling of resistance
> > and helps to navigate among multiple windows.
>         I still don't understand what you mean by "colliding windows"
> which "overlap".  Are you talking about when you move an application
> window between desktops?
> > Unfortunately this feature only applies to the windows, not
> > to the cursor. So if accidentally I moved my cursor outside my
> > desktop boundaries, my desktop instantaneously changes and it
> > is very unpleasant.
>         I think we're missing something here.  Every version of E I have
> ever used functions the way you are asking.
>         That is, "Edge flip resistance" makes it so I can touch my cursor
> to the very edge of my monitor for X miliseconds before it goes into the
> adjoining desktop, effectively solving the problem you described.
>         What distribution are you using?  What version of E?
> --Derek

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