Cursors (again)

Hi guys
I've finished a rough version of my gnome-cursor implementation and I'd quite
like people to have a look at it, and tell me what they think.
It's available at

You need gdk-pixbuf installed.
The Makefile is basic, but it works for me :)

The way the system works is this:
To change the cursor to a default cursor, you call
cursor = gnome_cursor_create (cursorname);
gnome_cursor_set (cursor, window, foreground_colour, background_colour);

To change the cursor to one of your own, you have to register the cursor first,
by calling either gnome_cursor_register, or gnome_cursor_register_anim 
(for animated cursors).
Then you just do the same as if it was a default cursor.

The xbm loading code could do with being tidied up, but I'm not sure if it's
actually needed as I don't think making cursors from xbm is essential. 
The animated cursors flicker too much, but again, is having animated cursors
something that could be useful, as it makes the code slightly more untidy, and
doesn't look very good with the flicker. (And at the moment has some nice colour
changing bug :)

All comments are welcome.

PS Some of the cursors are out of Gnumeric, some from Eye of GNOME and some I
made myself.

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