Re: Probably a stupid question-GnomeMDI&GnomeApp

On Dec 03, 1999, James Henstridge <> wrote:
> GnomeMDI is a class.  You would need to instantiate a GnomeMDI object, and
> then call its add_child method.

And incidentally, you don't put a GnomeApp widget into GnomeMDI.  You
would add the *contents* of the GnomeApp instead.  As you change MDI
modes, the GnomeMDI object will create/destroy GnomeApp's around the
child widgets, as needed.  For example, you only need one GnomeApp for a
notebook view, but multiple GnomeApp's (one per child) for the toplevel
view.  GnomeMDI takes care of this transparently, though, so you should
never need to directly touch a GnomeApp widget in a GnomeMDI


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