Re: Canvas question: how-to automatically fill it

>  -Make canvas=GnomeCanvas()
>  -Now, make canvas.root().add("widget",......)
>  	-widget=GtkCList which contains text for input.
>  	-make that widget fill the canvas horizontally ????? HOWT-TO-DO-IT?

The canvas does not have a concept of internal geometry management.
You'll have to resize your widget by yourself, possibly in a
size_allocate handler for the canvas.

>  	-make the canvas background be widget background color, so that 
>  viewer has the illusion it's same thing???? HOWTO

In your realize handler for the canvas, change the style's background
to whatever you want it to be.  Please see
gnome-libs/libgnomeui/gnome-icon-list.c and the gil_realize() function
for an example.


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