Re: gnome-db wrote:

> Well, up until now, you did not give a good reason to use gnome-db. But,
> just now, you did. Since my application is distributed, (using corba)
> using corba to get at the db is preferable because you can pass the db
> driver from object to object. How much work would be involved to make
> gnome-db work without libgnome? Can the drivers be used stand alone
> without libgnome?

The CORBA servers are almost libgnome-independant, they just use the GOAD library to register
themselves in the gnome name service, so we could add a compilation flag (-DWITH_GNOME) to use
it or just use plain ORBit API.

The rest of the suite is highly GNOME-dependant, so you may prefer to write a CORBA client of
your own by using the IDL files. Although, it could be interesting to also have the client
library (only the client library, not the widget lib) libgnome-independant, but I must have a
look at it...

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