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I wasnt going to say anything about this till I got factory and
redirection working in it, but it works enough now to do most things. A
while ago, there was talk about making GOAD not so gnome dependent. Well,
nothing came of it, so I was forced to code a replacement from scratch for
my own needs. COAL was the result. Instead of being implamented as a lib
like GOAD, COAL is implamented as a CORBA server, so it can easily support
distributed computing unlike GOAD. The only thing that GOAD can do that
COAL currently does not, nor do I think it would be a good idea to, is to
directly support CORBA objects in shared librarys. If someone wants to do
this, they just have to create a simple program to load them. Having them
load up in the COAL daemon would have the problem of posibly crashing
COALD, wich must be running at all times. It also uses XML to store
information about the servers rather then using an ini style file. I was
hopeing it could be used as a replacement for GOAD when it is completed. I
will redouble my efforts and finish the last two parts of it. Should take
only a day or two. Maybe, with using COAL instead of GOAD, and seperating
the actual gnome-db lib from gnome, would then make it posible to use it
from any program. Includeing servers. I would be interested in helping
with this project. Could be usefull to many other projects if redone in
this way.


PS. COAL can be found at:

On Mon, 6 Dec 1999, Rodrigo Moya wrote:

> wrote:
> > Well, up until now, you did not give a good reason to use gnome-db. But,
> > just now, you did. Since my application is distributed, (using corba)
> > using corba to get at the db is preferable because you can pass the db
> > driver from object to object. How much work would be involved to make
> > gnome-db work without libgnome? Can the drivers be used stand alone
> > without libgnome?
> >
> >
> The CORBA servers are almost libgnome-independant, they just use the GOAD library to register
> themselves in the gnome name service, so we could add a compilation flag (-DWITH_GNOME) to use
> it or just use plain ORBit API.
> The rest of the suite is highly GNOME-dependant, so you may prefer to write a CORBA client of
> your own by using the IDL files. Although, it could be interesting to also have the client
> library (only the client library, not the widget lib) libgnome-independant, but I must have a
> look at it...
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