Re: gnome-db wrote:

> PS. COAL can be found at:

Ok, great! I'd like to implement gnome-db like this, but... will this COAL be adopted by
GNOME/ORBit? I ask this, because gnome-db already depends on many external libs (but all of them
GNOME-related) and I don't want to add more external, non-GNOME-related libs or packages.

Of course, there are other possibilities: provide two versions (as I said, the GNORBA dependency is
very little in the CORBA servers, so this won't be too hard; or add COAL code to gnome-db source

Other thing: as I said, it will be interesting to also have the client lib GNOME-independant. This
is easy, but it depends entirely on GTK+, since all structs are pure GTK objects, so, again, for
your app you may still want to add a custom CORBA client.

PS: Bob, I think it would be better to continue this gnome-db-related discussion in the
gnome-db-list, so please let's do it (

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