Re: Milestones document

>  However, I think the feeling is that gnome-libs is almost ready. 

We cannot release it without complete API reference documentation.  Period.

>  Who knows! We do need to start winding down gnome-vfs and GtkHTML though,
>  and stabilizing them for gnome-libs inclusion and so we can port apps to
>  use them and build apps on top of them. We can't have these libs changing
>  all the time (like, ahem, gdk-pixbuf, ahem) once we are using them - which
>  means both they need to be ready before using them and once in use they
>  have to be near-frozen.

The Gdk-pixbuf API has not changed since the initial sanitization on
October 20.  The only additions have been convenience functions.  The
only thing missing is finalizing the drawable->pixbuf API, and I'll do
that once I'm done making a new MC release.


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