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In message <>, Gregory Leblanc writes:

>Still building away, and back with another problem.  I'm getting an
>error executing the doc stage of the gnome-python-1.0.50.  Here's the

>Processing files: pygtk-glarea
>File not found:
>File not found:

>This doesn't appear to be a language problem, but those files aren't
>there.  Anybody know which little setting I forgot to tweak on this
>one?  Thanks,

GtkGLArea is only available in CVS.  Either grab it from CVS or apply the
following patch to gnome-python.spec.  IMHO released GNOME packages should not
depend on unreleased CVS packages.

--- gnome-python-1.0.40/gnome-python.spec.orig	Thu Sep 30 00:38:10 1999
+++ gnome-python-1.0.40/gnome-python.spec	Mon Dec  6 17:07:37 1999
@@ -28,16 +28,6 @@
 widget set.  Just about anything you can write in C with GTK+ you can write
 in python with PyGTK (within reason), but with all of python's benefits.
-%package -n pygtk-glarea
-Version: %{pygtk_ver}
-Summary: A wrapper for the GtkGLArea widget for use with PyGTK
-Group: Development/Languages
-%description -n pygtk-glarea
-This module contains a wrapper for the GtkGLArea widget, which allows you
-to display OpenGL output inside your pygtk program.  It needs a set of
-Python OpenGL bindings such as PyOpenGL to actually do any OpenGL rendering.
 %package -n pygtk-libglade
 Version: %{pygtk_ver}
 Summary: A wrapper for the libglade library for use with PyGTK
@@ -87,10 +77,6 @@
 %doc pygtk/AUTHORS pygtk/NEWS pygtk/README pygtk/MAPPING pygtk/ChangeLog
 %doc pygtk/ pygtk/examples
-%files -n pygtk-glarea
 %files -n pygtk-libglade


John GOTTS <>

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