Re: Milestones document

On Mon, Dec 06, 1999 at 05:05:30PM -0600, wrote:
> Hmm. now there's an idea.
> What if you added gconf support to libglade for prefs allowing you to do
> something like: in glade, create an interface file with all buttons and
> checkboxes and stuff that are for preferences marked with a special tag.
> Then, when libglade reads in the interface file, it also reads in all the
> settings that are associated with the special tags from gconf. libglade
> can also set a handeler to save this data when the preference is changed
> back to gconf.

I think it's a bit more complex then that, but I think it would be a very
similiar concept.  I'm tempted to start on something like that soon.


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