Re: Multihead support in window managers writes:
>   I've just run across something that I found surprising while
> dealing with an Appian Jeronimo Pro card. According to the
> Tech. Support people at XiGraphics, KWM and E are coded in such
> a way that they will not work multihead while older WMs like
> FVWM* and twm will.?. Note that multihead, at least in Xi-speak,
> is not the same as Single Locgical Screen(SLS). So I'm not
> able to setup GNOME/E for the Profs. here at school. Does anyone
> have more information about this? Seems that a GNOME/FVWM*
> combo might work. What about GNOME/Sawmill? Is this something
> that WM implementers have to look out for or is Xi mistaken?

GNOME won't like multihead much; it doesn't want to be on two displays
simultaneously. I haven't tried it but I bet it won't work well.

You could run GNOME on one of the two heads, maybe.

If multihead support was in XFree86 you'd probably see a lot more
interest in fixing this problem, since lots more developers would have
a multiheaded setup.


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