GnomeCanvasText item is giving me grief

Hi all,

I hate to be the one asking all the dumb questions but didn't somebody
once say to always include an idiot in a group to ask all the questions
the others were afraid to ask?  Well I'm a newbie as you can probably
guess and I'm having a little problem with a GnomeCanvasText item giving
me jip.  All seems to be straightforward but there is no example in The
Book to show me what I am doing wrong.  My call goes out like this:

textitem = gnome_canvas_item_new(group, gnome_canvas_text_get_type(), 
                                   "text", "hello", 
				   "x", 250.0, 
				   "y", 250.0, 
				   "anchor", GTK_ANCHOR_CENTER, 
				   "font", "terminal", 
				   "fill_color", "black", 

Now I have played with things like rectangles and ellipses etc. and this
would be fine for one of them, however given this nothing displays.  I
can draw other things on the canvas before this (shapes).  I have
checked that I have the Terminal font.  I have also tried explicitly
calling gnome_canvas_item_show() on the item.  The canvas is plenty big
enough to display all the text.
Could someone give me a suggestion?  It would be most appreciated.

Thanks in advance, 


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