Re: Windows2000 coolness

> Translucent window moves as implemented in Enlightenment are a hack.
> A very cute hack, to its credit, but a hack nonetheless.  They don't
> work properly on non-truecolor visuals or on machines with multiple
> visuals.

Fading menu's are hardly a useful feature either.

> If you wanted to do fade-in menus, you would need to
> 	1. XGetImage() the area where the menu is going to appear;
>            demangle that into RGB data.
> 	2. Generate an off-screen image of the menu in its initial
>            state.
> 	3. Composite (2) into (1) with varying opacity levels and draw
>            it to the screen.
> (1) and (3) are trivial, (3) would be the current Enlightenment hack
> for the lack of a real alpha extension in the X server.
> (2) is hard.  How would you do it with GTK+'s current framework?  If
> you give us a solution, we would be happy to investigate it.

I dont believe i'm contributing to this, but couldn't you just change
the menu's window to a pixmap and render to that?  Or at least with
gadget's instead of widgets maybe (gadget = windowless widget).

Personally I think its this level of toss-factor that wastes valuable
developer resources instead of them writing robust, reusable code :)


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