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 Abdin writes:

>I think its a bit 'difficult' to write documentation - There is no 
>DOCUMENTED way of writing API documentation - Although there is 
>documentation for writing whitepapers.

>Also - I think people who want to contribute (well, me at least) - get 
>discouraged because I have to learn DocBook (all I know is that I 
>installed these RPMS for documentation). Also, I heard that people author 
>DocBook stuff using emacs in PSGML mode. A) I use vi B) What the hell is 
>PSGML mode? C) see my reference for documentation on writing API 
>documentation (i.e. what are the procedures one should take?)

Agreed.  I am the author of a mini-HOWTO, and I was told by the LDP maintainer
some time ago that you must now write even mini-HOWTO's with Linuxdoc (or
whatever they're calling it these days).  I basically said forget it, because I
spent enough time researching and writing the document without having to spend
even more time converting it to another format.  It would have taken all the
fun out of the job.

On a lighter note, vim 5.5 has syntax highlighting for the SGML DTD and SGML
Linuxdoc.  True vi users also have a shell open where they execute commands,
so there's your PSGML mode.  :-)

As far as where to look for help on writing GNOME docs, you could probably
start with the libglade SGML file and go from there.  It looks fairly brief,
and the author is also an active participant on this list.


John GOTTS <>

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