Re: Multihead support in window managers

On Wed, Dec 08, 1999 at 02:38:44PM -0800, Derek Simkowiak wrote:
> > All GNOME-programs workes as fine as any other X-program.  It's just the 
> > gnome-desktop-enviroment that doesn't like it.
> 	How is "gnome-desktop-environment" defined?

Well, I define it as 
gnome-session + gmc + panel + window-manager.

You have to run two gmc and two panel if you have multihead and 
that doesn't realy work well (especially with gnome-session)

> > I used the gnome-panel and the first fvwm2 with gnome-support on a
> > AIX-dualheaded system once.  The panel only on one display but the apps on
> > both.  Worked fine.
> 	This behaviour seems natural and appropriate.  On Macs, the
> "Finder" bar does not show up on but one display.  One Win32, the "Start"
> bar shows up only on the primary monitor.
> 	According to this report, Gnome supports multi-head monitors fine.
> XFree86 may not (yet), but that has nothing to do with us...

The big difference is that on Mac och on Win32 you can move the windows
between the two screens.  On X you can't (unless you are running something
like Xinerama which gives you one display over more than one screen)
That means that you can't start programs from the panel and have it run on
the other screen easily.

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