Re: nautilus&bonobo or gnome-fm&gnome-vfs

> > Nautilus still uses the gnome-vfs for its file access, and you could
> > use nautilus with a gnome-vfs file system for cameras without the
> > special bonobo-viewer for cameras.
>  I think I understend the general idea. Does it mean thumbnails view 
> Bonobo object can be differnt for different FS/VFS. I could bot resist
> and made a picture illustrating my understending of how it should work.

Not really.  

Let me try to explain (if I understand the ideas behind what the
Nautilus hackers are trying to do).

The default "file system view" would let you browse a VFS path (say,
/usr, or and when you click on an image it would
show a little preview.  In some cases it might be able to show a
thumbnail (but I dont know how hard this would be).

Now, more views in Nautilus can be plugged at any point, so you could
have a gPhoto view (embedding a real gPhoto to view a special path,
say the url "camera:").


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