Re: Documentation and Reviews.

On 3 Jul 1999 19:08:32 -0400, Mike Sangrey <> wrote:

>I would be glad to help.  Over the last week I've been subscribing
>to GNOME email lists, setting up CVS, perusing the source, setting up
>DocBook, etc.  I'd like to help with the documentation!
>Here are the questions I have  (and some introduction to who I am):
>    1.  How have you divided up the work?  How many people are
>	involved with documentation--just the three of you?  Do you
>	have a plan and, if so, where are you at?  Ultimately, where
>	I'm driving to with these questions is how and where can I
>	get involved?

got_section = FALSE;
while(!got_section) {
	if(!someone_is_documenting_it()) got_section = TRUE;

>    3.  I can review the existing documentation.  I would be glad
>	to improve the language that reads like, "See Gnome.  See
>	Gnome run.  Run Gnome run."  :-) -- perhaps I shouldn't have
>	poked fun during this hectic time; let me just say that I
>	understand and I'm with you on this.  Do we have a review-release
>	cycle established in CVS, or possibly ideas to that end?  If so,
>	could we use that?  Do you have ideas about how I may proceed
>	with reviewing the documentation?

Basically, you just go ahead and review it, and send the author

>    4.	I might be able to help with Help.  However, I don't
>	know--yet!--how the help system is integrated into the Makefile
>	architecture.  Makefiles are no big deal for me.  (e.g. even GCC's
>	makefiles do not cause me to run screaming from the room.)
>	Can I fit in here?  Can I get some guidance concerning the
>	help documentation structure?

The help documentation situation is really foggy, since not many programs
have user-level docs (another problem area).

-- Elliot
You're not being rude. I'm just a moron.

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